Assaf on Wikipedia:

Billy Hart (drummer):

Dubi Roman (photographer):

Alon Farber (saxophonist):

Udi Shlomo (drummer):

Daniel Sapir (bassist):

Ravid Shay (guitarist and luthier):

Seamus Blake (saxophonist):

Ehud Ettun (bassist):

Donny McCaslin (saxophonist):

Eli Degibri (saxophonist):

Ziv Ravitz (drummer):

Eliseo Cardona (writer/editor/translator/photographer):

Tammy Scheffer (vocalist):

Will Vinson (saxophonist):

Daniel Bennett (saxophonist):

Ori Ventura (guitarist):

Joel Larue Smith (pianist):

Yoav Efron (pianist):

Tal Gamlieli (bassist):

All About Jazz (online jazz magazine):

New England Conservatory (music school):

Rimon (music school):

Banff Centre (educational institute):

Ian McClellan (photographer):

Photos by:

Dubi Roman -

Slideshow, pictures #6,10,12

All photos in the album Flowers and Other Stories

Eliseo Cardona -

Slideshow, pictures #2,3,5

Ian McClellan -

Slideshow, pictures #11

Simón Sánchez Sotomayor -

Slideshow, picture #7

Sergey Kolier -

Slideshow, picture #15

Hezi Zunenshine -

Slideshow, picture #14

Victoria -

Slideshow, picture #4, 9

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