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Assaf has resided in the USA since 2007 (recognized talent by the US Government) and has worked in real estate for the past 5 years.

He has successfully completed well over 100 projects, including land development, house flipping and new construction, generating wealth for over 80 investors.

In addition, Assaf professionally advises individuals and companies on real estate, business, and personal development.

Assaf has a Bachelor of Business degree with honors (majoring in finance), and a Master of Music (featured in newspapers, radio and TV worldwide). 

With his creative skills, Assaf brings a unique approach to his projects, executing meticulous business plans, with emphasis on clear communication, respect and innovation, to build strong relationships with his investors.

Let's make money!

Let's make money!

Assaf the Real Estate guy 

Assaf, the Real-Estate Guy

Let's make money!

Your loan is overseen by a trusted lawyer who will issue you a Deed of Trust

Loan your money ($50,000-$500,000) for a specific property and earn interest

Your return will be a guaranteed 10%-12% annually

exact profit specified

 prior to each project

At the end of the project, you receive both the principal and interest earned

Loan duration is a maximum of 20 months

 A well-organized, easy, clear, and transparent process

How It Works?

Loan Model:

More about what we do

Investor Testimonials

We have been working for more than 4 years in the same area of south Texas. We specialize in new construction from A to Z, building stunning homes, as well as land development, rezoning and subdivisions.


We have developed a winning team and have strong and trusted relationships with contractors, architects, city authorities, engineers, bankers, lawyers, brokers, and more. We have worked with over 80 different investors. All of them, without exception, received their principal and interest.

Partnership Model:

For investors with $500K and up.

You have the option to be a partner in the project.

Every project is different, please contact me for details.

Recent Projects

30 units we are building (new construction)

110 lots that we developed